ID LOCK 3000 – Now also available as DESFire Edition

    Robust RFID locker lock for metal and wooden doors

Do you want to make the stay of your visitors or employees in companies, office complexes or universities as comfortable and secure as possible? Electronic lockers, such as the ID LOCK 3000 from iDTRONIC, are an essential part of this.

In addition to the LF version (Hitag S) and HF version (MIFARE® Classic), the classic „Made in Germany“ is now also available in another HF version with MIFARE® DESFire. It is capable of integration into almost all existing card and access systems due to its technical variability.

Converting existing lockers to RFID is very easy

The great advantage is the simple conversion. The locking system uses the classic installation hole (retrofit) and can thus be installed easily in normal wooden and metal doors. With a simple 180° turn, it can be used in both left-hinged
and right-hinged doors.

A flexible perennial favourite with various programming options, e.g. the free-locker mode

With a service life of over 50,000 opening/closing cycles, the ID LOCK 3000 lasts twice as long as most other lockers.
The LED ring, which is integrated into the knob permanently, indicates the lock status of the locker via green or red backlighting (free vs. occupied).
For companies and facilities with a dynamic volume of visitors, it is usually supplied as a multi-user variant. This configuration, also known as „Free-Locker Mode“, allows any compatible RFID medium, such as employee cards or wristbands, to be used for locking and opening. The users thus have a free choice of locker each time. Once a transponder has been used to lock a locker for the first time, it cannot be used to lock another locker.

Alternatively, the RFID lock can also be used in private locker mode. Here, up to 40 transponders can be taught in advance and thus activated for use. This mode is ideal for office complexes or applications where the lockers are constantly used by the same people.