Drehsperre ID Gate 8100

Turnstile ID GATE 8100

  • Robust stainless steel housing
  • built-in LED direction indicator with bright pictograms
  • Ideal for high visitor numbers
  • Optional with automatic Anit-Panik folding arms
  • Turnstile with integrated electronics

Dimension   664 x 980 x 1010 mm
Supply DC voltage   12 VDC
Through frequency (single passage mode)   30 people/min
Through frequency (free passage mode)   60 people/min
Passage width   500 mm
Controlled passage directions   bidirectional
Temperature   +1°C to +50°C
Protection Class   IP41
Anti-panic folding arms   optional

When installed in a line, these turnstiles form the passage area without additional crash barriers.

The turnstile can be operated using the supplied remote control or a radio remote control (optional) and can be easily integrated into most access control systems.

Two LED direction indicators with bright pictograms are standard on the top cover: The green arrow indicates that the turnstile is unlocked to allow passage and indicates the direction of authorized passage; the red cross indicates that passage is not allowed and that the turnstile remains in the locked state.

The turnstile also has relay outputs for connecting optional high beam indicators.

ID GATE 8100 is a normally closed unit (opener), i.e. the turnstile remains locked until it receives a valid authorization signal or is unlocked with a mechanical unlocking key. The turnstile has a “fire alarm” control input and can be unlocked automatically by a fire alarm signal or an emergency call button. A key override allows an operator to unlock both directions of the ID GATE 8100 turnstile if it is necessary to override an access control system or in case of an emergency or power failure. The mechanical unlocking device is built into the turnstile housing as standard and ensures free rotation of the barrier arms.

Optionally, the turnstile can be supplied with anti-panic folding arms to clear the passage in emergency situations without the use of special keys or tools.

Thanks to its low power consumption, the turnstile is supplied with a safe voltage of max. 14V.

If required, the turnstiles can be supplemented with suitable railings.

► Applications

  Indoor swimming pool, waterpark, Theme Park, Wellness resort
  Administrative offices
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