Turnstile ID Gate 5000

Turnstile ID GATE 5000

Compact turnstile for narrow passages and mounting on walls or railings

  • Weatherproof design
  • IP54 (also suitable for outdoor use)
  • automatic anti-panic folding arms
  • Space-saving motorized solution
  • LED-Display on front
  • 2 versions
    • Version 1: For mounting on walls
    • Version 2: For mounting on railings
  • Optional: Wall Reader ID ACCESS 1000
    • unidirectional (1 wall reader,
      input only)
    • bidirectional (2 wall readers,
      input and output)


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Dimension with locking arms 613 x 800 x 696mm
Supply DC voltage 24 VDC
260 W,  10.0 A
Through frequency (single passage mode) 30 people/min
Through frequency (free passage mode) 60 people/min
Width of the through zone 500mm
RFID optional
Controlled passage directions Bidirectional
Communication interface TCP/IP
Temperature -40°C to +55°C
Class IP54
Anti-panic folding arms automatic

The ID GATE 5000 turnstile is a modern solution for access control. It is equipped with automatic “anti-panic” folding arms and LED indicators. In the event of a power failure or the signal of an emergency switch, the folding arm automatically falls down, leaving the passageway clear in emergency situations. The rotating arms of the ID GATE 5000 are motorized, can be rotated bidirectionally and optionally an RFID HF reader can be installed outside.

Depending on the model, the ID GATE 5000 can be easily mounted on walls or railings. Due to its compact design, the ID GATE 5000 is perfect for banks, offices, shops, railway stations or airports.
The ID GATE 5000 is made of stainless steel and offers a safe and modern looking solution for various applications.

► Applications

Indoor swimming pool, waterpark, Theme Park, Wellness resort
Administrative offices
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