Drehsperre ID Gate 3000

Turnstile ID GATE 3000

  • elegant and durable
  • suitable for outdoor use
  • Turnstile with integrated electronics

Dimension 855 x 810 x 1050mm
Supply DC voltage 12 VDC
Through frequency (single passage mode) 30 people/min
Through frequency (free passage mode) 60 people/min
Passage width 600 mm
RFID optional
Controlled passage directions bidirectional
Temperature +1°C to +50°C
Protection Class IP42
Anti-panic folding arms optional

A standard scope of delivery of the ID GATE 3000 includes a housing, a control unit with built-in standby power supply, a remote control, a built-in thermocontrol system and a set of standard barrier arms.

In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the turnstile, the housing is electro-chemically galvanized with a 9-micron zinc layer and then provided with a fine-structure powder coating.

Operation of the turnstile is permitted at temperatures from – 40° to + 40°C. The built-in thermocontrol system keeps the temperature in the turnstile housing at the preset level above 0°C, which allows the ID GATE 3000 to be used at temperatures below 0°C.

The emergency power supply built into the control unit is equipped with a lead-acid battery to maintain proper operation of the turnstile for 4 hours or 1000 passes in case of power failure. Once the main power supply is restored, the battery is automatically recharged.

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Indoor swimming pool, waterpark, Theme Park, Wellness resort
Administrative offices
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