Do you know the feeling when you go into an Amusement or Water Park and you have to wait most of the time in queue at fairground rides or at food stores? So the enjoyment of your visitor is still paramount, iDTRONIC offers an easy and continuous RFID hardware solution for Amusement and Water Parks.

With iDTRONIC’s products, you have an easy solution for access control, electronic locking systems and cashless payment. Instead of waiting in the queue, at food stores or the turnstile, your costumers will have more time to enjoy your park. An ultimate entertainment experience will be guaranteed for your costumer which will clearly affect the recommendation rate.

Your visitor will receive one personalized wristband with which they can access the park, rent lockers as well as buy food in the gastronomy and buy accessories in shops.  

For everything in your park- turnstiles, electronic locking system and shops- only one personalized wristband or a card will be needed. So your visitor can spend a carefree time in your park while you gain your Return on Investment in a short period.

iDTRONIC is the market leader in developing hardware solutions with RFID technology which are specially designed for your requirements. With only one ident medium iDTRONIC creates an easy and perfect environment for access control as well as for the management of cabins and shops.

iDTRONIC is also selling turnstiles, electronic door locks and RFID readers which are perfectly applicable with our RFID ident medium.