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What would you think, if all your members could access your studio, use lockers and consume goods by using cashless payment with only one according to your wishes personalized card? Because that is possible with iDTRONICs products. For the access as well as for the exit only one card or wristband will be needed for all turnstiles, interior doors, electronic locking system, and drinks dispenser as well as for various shops.

After your members locked their personal valuable items in lockers, they can easily use the fitness area, the spa and wellness while you gain quickly your Return on Investment due to increasing use of cashless payment.

iDTRONIC is market leader in developing hardware solutions with RFID technology which are especially designed for your requirements. With only one RFID ident medium iDTRONIC creates an easy and perfect environment for access control as well as for the management of cabins and shops.

Through a systematize simplification of entrance and shops, your employees have more time to take care of your member’s needs what will clearly affect the customer satisfaction.

For more than 10 years iDTRONIC develops and sells RFID hardware to fitness centres. The innovative technological solution from iDTRONIC will help to increase your profit, to reduce your operating cost and increase your customer satisfaction.