Are you looking for a continuous solution for your thermal resort, swimming pool or spa? Then iDTRONIC has just the right thing for you. Thanks to iDTRONIC hardware products only one card or wristband will be needed- from the access to the exit, for everything –turnstiles, interior doors, electronic locking system as well as for various shops. Due to an easy and fast handling your visitor will have more time for relaxation and fun in your facility.

Your visitor can use automatic machines, pay food in the gastronomy and use and pay wellness offer due to the RFID hardware. All of this is possible with only one according to your wishes personalized card or wristband!

iDTRONIC is market leader in developing hardware solutions with RFID technology which are especially designed for your requirements. With only one ident medium iDTRONIC creates an easy and perfect environment for access control as well as for the management of cabins and shops.

Through a systematize simplification of entrance and shops, your employees have more time to take care of your visitor’s needs what will clearly affect the customer satisfaction.