If you are looking for a wireless electronic locking system, iDTRONIC’s battery-powered locker locks are the best choice.

The classic keys are a thing of the past – the future lies in the use of smart electronic RFID locking systems.
The use is safe and easy:
You hold the personalized data carrier (card, bracelet or key fob) to the reading field of the lock and the cabinet, locker etc. opens or closes!

Your employees, guests and customers will benefit greatly from the advantages of our electronic locking system.

RFID Locker
ID LOCK 1000

RFID labels

RFID Locker
ID LOCK 3000

RFID Schloss ID LOCK 3000 für Spinde und Schränke, z.B. in Umkleiden

Code locker
ID LOCK 4000

Spindschloss mit Code ID LOCK 4000

Code locker
ID LOCK 5000

Spindschloss ID LOCK 5000

Code locker
ID LOCK 6000

Codeschloss ID LOCK 6000


Advantages are:

  • Improved security through 2 alarm systems, acoustically as well as optically
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Your employees can focus more on customer needs
  • No complicated key management
  • Problem-free and easy replacement of lost wristband

We inform you about our latest products and develop a coordinated solution tailored to your needs.