Cashless payment transactions are the way of the future. Your customers can easily and quickly purchase goods and services with an identification medium (card, bracelet or key fob)!

This eliminates the need to carry cash or credit cards. iDTRONIC’s cashless payment system can be easily integrated into the systems of the largest software companies.
The products can also be combined with an existing fixed asset billing system.


ID INFO 3000


RFID Check In Terminal


ID INFO 8000


Touch-Terminal ID INFO 8000 für Zutrittskontroll- und Zeiterfassungssysteme

Desk reader
ID DESK 2000


RFID labels

Desk Reader

 NEO 2


Desk reader

ID DESK 3000





Wall Reader ID Access 1000




Wall Reader ID Access 2000


Essential advantages are:

  • Additional revenues due to cashless payment
  • Increased security through complete transparency of all transaction, resulting in a drastic reduction of theft
  • Reduction of cash handling and personnel requirement due to automated processes
  • Shorter waiting times at points of sale
  • Possibility to create a more accurate customer profile for more efficient marketing
  • RFID platform for further application (access control, electronic locking, networked fitness facility and more)
  • Easy handling due to the use of only one RFID ident medium for all function