• access control
  • gyms
  • leisure facilities

  • 180mm
  • 195mm
  • 210mm
Material Silicone
Standard Black, white, red, blue, orange, green
More colours on request!
Personalisation Options Serial nummer printing
Logo printing (2 Color)
Laser engraving (optional color filled)
Silkscreen printing
Class IP68
Temperatur -25°C to +85 °C
Available125 kHz ICs
EM 4100/4200 8 Byte read only

Atmel Temic 5567/5577 28 Byte Read/Write

NXP Hitag 1 256 Byte Read/Write

NXP Hitag 2 32 Byte Read/Write
Available 13.56 MHz ICs
NXP MIFARE® Classic 1K EV1
NXP MIFARE® Classic 4K EV1
1024 bytes
4096 bytes
ISO 14443 A (1-3)

NXP_NTAG213 144 Byte ISO 14443

NXP I-Code SLI 64  Bytes ISO 15693

TI Tag-it HFI Plus 256 Bytes ISO 14443 A

IDT-M1K 1 kB ISO 14443 A

NXP MIFARE Ultralight® 64 Bytes ISO 14443 A

iDTRONIC RFID wristbands combine the RFID technology with good looking and practical housings. They can be used like a wrist watch and make using RFID technology easy. Beside their robustness, iDTRONIC RFID wristbands do have a sealed electronic unit and are waterproof.

The Silicone Tag Wristband is incorporated with silicone and laundry tag that equips to be used in water or high temperature environment. Furthermore, Silicone Tag Wristband is allowed to integrate the different service providing in Water Park, Cruise, Swimming Pool, Sauna, SPA Hotel and so forth.

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