Turnstile ID Gate 9000

Turnstile ID GATE 9000

Modular expandable stainless steel turnstile for indoor and outdoor use

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing with 10 mm tempered glass top cover (in black)
  • Stylish LED panels on both sides indicate current passage or directional status
  • Automatic anti-panic folding arms that drop down to clear the passageway in case of power failure or fire alarm
  • High passage frequency of up to 60 persons/minute (free passage)
  • Wide comfortable passage zone (560 mm)
  • Modularly expandable (optional): 2x HF RFID readers, barcode scanner and/or card reader (for return)


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Dimensions with locking arms 1361 x 750 x 1024 mm
Supply DC voltage 12 ± 1.2 VDC
Through frequency (single passage mode) 30 people/min
Through frequency (free passage mode) 60 people/min
Width of the through zone 560mm
RFID Optional: 2 HF RFID Reader(NXP MIFARE Ultralight, Classic 1K, 4K)
Controlled passage directions Bidirectional
Communication interface TC/IP
Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Class IP54
Locking arms automatic anti-panic folding arms
Options RFID, card transducers, barcode readers, coin selectors, biometric readers

Electromechanical turnstile with automatic anti-panic arms and the possibility of installing additional modules. There are different variants of side modules and side covers designed for connection of additional devices.

It is possible to mount ACS controls and iDTRONIC readers inside the turnstile. The working areas of the card readers are marked with special pictograms. The top covers are also supplemented by screens showing the operating modes of the turnstile.

Automatic „anti-panic“ barrier arms – are a modern solution that makes it possible to clear the passage for the urgent evacuation of people in case of emergency. If the turnstile receives a signal from an ACS or a power failure occurs, the barrier arm automatically falls down and provides a free passage.

When the power is restored or the fire alarm signal is removed, the arm must be moved manually to the operating position. The power supply board is located in the turnstile housing and provides a complete set of turnstile control modes. The board provides emergency access in the event of a fire alarm signal (fire alarm input) and has inputs for connecting the intrusion detector with siren and outputs for connecting remote displays.

The ID GATE 9000 box turnstile is made of stainless steel, which not only offers an elegant design but also corrosion resistance outdoors (under a shelter).

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Pulic swimming pools, Wellness Resorts
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