Speed Gate

Speed Gate ID GATE 8500

Speed gate with high throughput frequency in a slim design

  • Housing made of shiny rust-resistant stainless steel with 2 sensor strips to secure the swinging doors
  • Various top cover options with LED indicators for passage direction
  • Ideal for high-quality indoor facilities with a high volume of people (passage frequency: up to 60 people/minute)
  • Choice of 2 passage widths (650 mm / 900 mm barrier-free)
  • Any extension of the passage zones via dual-sided modules (optional)
  • Optional: 2x HF RFID reader (Mifare Ultralight, Classic 1K, 4K) incl. installation | front panel for the integration of a barcode reader


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Dimensions Standard with swivel doors 300x600mm 1820x1050x1010mm
Standard with swivel doors 300x980mm 1820x1050x1300mm
Standard with swivel doors 425x600mm 1820x1300x1010 mm
Dual-sided 1820x1970x1010 (1300)mm
Supply DC voltage 24 ± 2.4 VDC, 6.5 A, 160W
Through frequency (single passage mode) 60 people/min
Width of the through zone Standard with swivel doors 300×980 und 300x600mm (650mm)
Standard with swivel doors 425x600mm (900mm)
RFID Optional: 2 HF RFID Reader(NXP MIFARE Ultralight, Classic 1K, 4K)
Controlled passage directions Bidirectional
Communication interface TCP/IP
Temperature +1°C to +40°C
Class IP41

The Speed Gate ID Gate 8500 is a safe, reliable and visually attractive access control, which has two 10 mm thick tempered glass swing panels.
With its housing in a stainless-steel design, the Speed Gate ID Gate 8500 makes a strong impression. Rounding off the modern design is its top cover fabricated from 10mm thick black, tempered glass. Two LED displays have been integrated into the cover of the Speed Gate. These LEDs indicate both, the operational status of the gate and the passage direction. Additionally, the ID Gate 8500 is equipped with a fully illuminated LED display which shows where to hold the card (or wristband) for verification. Furthermore, an integrated intrusion detection allows secure access during peak hours and prevents unauthorized simultaneous passage of two or more people.

The Speed Gate ID Gate 8500 may be customized with gates accommodating different passage widths. You can choose between standard swing panel (650 mm) and extended swing panel (900mm). The extended version provides an easy access for people in wheelchairs or for people carrying bulky goods. Additionally, it may be equipped with double-sided sections, allowing flexible usage. Each double-sided section creates one extra passageway and therefore, a faster access for visitor, employees and customer.

The ID Gate 8500 opens after receiving a corresponding release. It can be opened manually, with a cable-connected remote panel, or automatically, via two optional HF-RFID readers (incl. Mifare). The Gate is further equipped with automatic, anti-panic doors. If the ID Gate 8500 receives an emergency signal or is switched off, its doors automatically open when pushed backwards to facilitate quick evacuation.

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Premium fitness center
Adminitrative facilities
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