Turnstile ID Gate 8000

Trunstile ID GATE 8000

  • Stainless steel and coloured artificial stone surface (black/dark blue)
  • 2 integrated LED displays
  • Optional RFID Reader + Installation


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Dimensions with locking arms 1000 x 1038 x 684mm
Packaging and weight 1220x 1120 x 380mm (88,2kg)
Supply DC voltage 12 ± 1.2 VDC
Through frequency (single passage mode) 30 people/min
Through frequency (free passage mode) 60 people/min
Width of the through zone 500mm
RFID Optional: 2 HF RFID Reader (NXP MIFARE Ultralight, Classic 1K, 4K)
Controlled passage directions Bidirectional
Communication interface TCP/IP
Temperature +1°C up to +40°C
Class IP41
Options mechanical anti-panic folding arms

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The ID GATE 8000 is constructed of durable stainless steel, accented with colored artificial stone. The stone is available in both black and dark blue. It is the perfect fit for luxurious and professional environments, such as fitness and wellness centers, banks, or business premises.

The premium model ID GATE 8000 can be optionally selected with powder coating in black metallic and mica effect.
The RFID reader, which will be needed for the access control, can be purchased by request. Therefore, you save the cost of a separate purchase and the effort to install the reader.

Two LED Displays are integrated into the artificial stone which indicate if the user is authorized to pass. It displays a green arrow verifying access, or a red “X” if access is denied.

The ID GATE 8000 is supplied with a cable-connected remote panel, with which the turnstile can easily been unlocked from the reception. Additionally, the turnstile may be equipped with up to two RFID card readers (Hitag S 2048, Legic, EM4200 or MIFARE®) which activate the turnstile after successful verification and grant access.

Optionally, the ID GATE 8000 may also be equipped with mechanical anti-panic folding arms. These arms may be folded down manually to facilitate egress in the case of emergency.

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Swimming Pools/Theme parks, Wellness resports
ID GATE 8000:
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