Turnstile ID Gate 7500

Turnstile ID GATE 7500

Stable turnstile with anti-panic folding arms for indoor & outdoor applications

  • Sturdy stainless steel housing for indoor & outdoor use (IP 54)
  • High-quality ABS cover with integrated LED display
  • Wide comfortable passage zone (560 mm)
  • Automatic anti-panic folding arms (free passage in case of power failure or emergency situations)
  • Additional wired remote control (7 m) or radio remote control
  • Optional: 2x HF RFID readers (NXP MIFARE® Ultralight, Classic 1k / 4k) incl. installation
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Dimensions with locking arms 1166 x 750 x 1016mm
Packaging and weight 1100 x 1320 x 400mm (95kg)
Supply DC voltage 12 ± 1.2 VDC
Through frequency (single passage mode) 30 people/min
Through frequency (freepassage mode) 60 people/min
Width of the through zone 560mm
RFID Optional: 2 HF RFID Reader (NXP MIFARE Ultralight, Classic 1K, 4K)
Controlled passage directions Bidirektional
Communication interface TCP/IP
Temperature -20°C to+55°C (with protection)
-20°C to +45°C (without protection)
Class IP54
Locking arms automatic anti-panic folding arms

The turnstile ID GATE 7500 is an indoor and outdoor version of our turnstile. Thanks to the protection class IP 54, the turnstile is perfectly suited for use both indoors and roofed outdoors areas such as fitness and wellness centers, stadiums, leisure parks, amusement parks, and administrative facilities.
The housing as well as the barrier arms are made of stainless steel. A special feature on the ID GATE 7500 is the clear and easy understanding LED displays on top of both sides. The LEDs indicate both the operational status of the turnstile and the passage direction. A fully illuminated LED display shows the customer where to hold his card (or wristband) to verify. In addition, the turnstile has an extra indication of passage direction on its side posts.

The ID GATE 7500 is supplied with a cable-connected remote panel allowing the control of the ID GATE 7500 from a reception desk. If the ID GATE 7500 receives an emergency signal or the ID GATE 7500 is switched off, the turnstile arms automatically fold down to facilitate quick evacuation.

Thanks to the protection range of IP 54 our turnstile ID GATE 7500 has the great advantage that it may be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. This makes the ID Gate very versatile.

► Applications

Wellness Centre, Theme Park, Leisure Area
Administration Facilities
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