ID LOCK 4000

Electronic Door Lock ID LOCK 4000

High-quality code lock with stylish stainless steel keys

  • Massive steel body and bolt for maximum security with elegant design
  • Numerical code input via chic stainless steel keys
  • Code length: 4 or 6 digits
  •  Master code freely programmable (to cancel the lock after 3 incorrect entries)
  • Manual knob available in two versions (silver or black)
  • 2 modes: Multi-user: free locker selection (several codes per lock permitted) | Private mode: 1 fixed code per lock


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Dimensions 96 x 64 x 23mm
Material Zamak
Battery Lithium Battery 3 V, CR123A
Quantity of possilbe codes 999.999
Service life approx. 60.000 locking cycles
Locking direction R and LAD
Lock fixing Screw plate
Temperature 0°C to +40°C (non-condesing)
Code length 4 or 6
Programming Private Mode (permanent Code)
Multi user (hotelmode)
Latch Bold made from zinc (nickel-plated)
Scope of delivery Locker lock
Programming instructions
2x 3V lithium batteries

The electronic door lock ID LOCK 4000 offers a high quality and safe solution if no transponder (e.g. member card) is available. Access to any locker is given via a number code. For added security, after three failed attempts at entering the code, the door will enter “lockdown” mode for one minute. It is possible to cancel this lockdown with the master code. The door of the numerical lock is opened with a manual door knob. The door knob is available in two designs.

The electronic door lock ID LOCK 4000 is a robust and a highquality lock, perfectly usable for cupboards and lockers. Advantages of the electronic number code lock are the easy assembly construction and the robust stainless steel keys.

Equipped with 2 lithium batteries, the ID LOCK 4000 has a remarkable lifetime of around 120.000 opening/closing-cycles.

Programming options are multiuser and private code. The fastening frames as well as the screws are included in scope of

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Locker, Wardrobe
Leisure Areas
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