Spindschloss ID LOCK 3000

Electronic Door Lock ID LOCK 3000

Robust RFID locker lock for metal and wooden doors

  • Built-in LED occupancy indicators in the knob with long-life batteries already installed
  • Solid steel body and deadbolt for maximum security with elegant design
  • Incl. 3 master cards (to open all lockers, e.g. in case of loss)
  • Integrated RTC (Real-Time-Clock) for preset opening hours, e.g. after closing time
  • HF version (MIFARE® CLASSIC, 13.56 MHz) and LF version (Hitag S2048, 125 kHz) available
  • 2 modes: Free-Locker/ Multi-User Mode: free locker selection, ideal for gyms, swimming pools, universities, schools and canteens | Private Locker Mode: only previously taught-in transponders can be used, ideal for home offices or office complexes


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Dimensions Body: 98 x 66 mm
Knob: Ø 39 mm x 19,74 mm
Material Knob: Plastic and Zamak
Case: Zamak
Frequency band 125kHz / 13,56MHz
Battery Lithium Battery 3 V, CR123A
Closure cycles per Battery About 25.000 closing cycles
Temperature -5°C to +40°C
Lock fastening Metal: M19 nut
Wood: Screws
Assembly Wooden or metallic furniture
Door thickness wood 16/19/22mm
Programming Private mode (lock can only be opened and closed with previously authorized transponders)
Multi User (transponder does not have to be trained, also known as hotel mode)
Optional: status display, busy detection, beeps, bar mode, trap mode
Packing Unit 1x Lock body
1x Knob
1x Locking part
1x M19 Nut
1x Adhesive Pad
1x Distance holder short
1x Distance holder long
4x Euro screws
2x 3V lithium battery

The ID LOCK 3000 as well as the knob are mounted with an Allen key and thus, provides a very robust und stable construction. The door lock may be opened manually with its attached door knob. With a battery life span of over 25,000 opening/closing-cycles, the door lock lasts twice as long as similar door locks.

The ID LOCK 3000 has two different possible programs, facilitating different situations. As a standard, the ID LOCK 3000 is delivered in the version “Multi User with occupation” also known as Free Locker Mode. Thus, no programmed transponder is required and, therefore, users may choose lockers freely. While locking, an information will be transferred to the transponder. Thus, only one locker can be locked. The LED ring integrated in the knob permanently indicates
the status of the lock.

The door lock ID LOCK 3000, available for MIFARE® and Hitag S2048, may be retrofitted to doors with door thicknesses of 16-22 mm, and works perfectly fine with existing card systems. The ID LOCK 3000 is perfect for indoor areas and may be used with both wood and metal doors.

Due to the integrated RTC (realtimeclock) the lock may be programmed to open automatically to a specific time.

Furthermore, the locker number will be written on the transponder while locking the door lock. If members or visitors have forgotten their locker number, the number may be displayed by a terminal. In addition, the door lock also writes the battery level to the transponder by each closing.

► Applications

Lockers, Wardrobe
Leisure Areas
ID LOCK 3000:

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