ID LOCK 1000

Electronic Door Lock ID LOCK 1000

RFID locker lock for wooden doors

  • Built-in LED status indicator shows whether the lock is free or occupied
  • Cards, wristbands or keyfobs already in use can be reused (without programming)
  • Incl. 3 master cards (to open all lockers, e.g. in case of loss)
  • Optional RTC (Real-Time-Clock) for preset opening hours, e.g. after closing time
  • HF version for MIFARE® CLASSIC 1k 4Byte UID, 13.56 MHz available
  • 2 modes: Free-Locker/ Multi-User Mode: free locker selection, ideal for gyms, swimming pools, universities, schools and canteens | Private Locker Mode: only previously taught-in transponders can be used, ideal for home offices or office containers


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Dimensions Knob: 65 × 65 × 13,6 mm
Lock: 80 × 80 × 27 mm
Stop: 75 × 27 (cylinder end: 48) × 21,5 mm
Weight 200g (with lock)
Material Lock: ABS & stainless steel
Panel: ABS, Zinc Alloy & Acrylic
Frequency band HF 13,56 MHz (Mifare Classic 1k, Mifare Mini)
Battery DC 6 V (4 x 1,5 V AAA)
Power consumption Static: 70 µA
Dynamic: 200 mA
Life expectancy (battery) 1 year
Life expectancy (mechanics) 500.000 uses
Temperature -15°C to 55 °C
Humidity 5% to 95 % (non-condensing)
Salt spray test 72 hours
Certificates CE, ISO9001, RoHS, IAF, FCC
Packing unit ID Lock 1000 (knob, lock & stop)
Instruction manual
Covers (battery compartment & stop)

The ID LOCK 1000, with its zinc alloy, polycarbonate surface and ABS material, combines elegant appearance with long-lasting materials. It is opened by a powerful spring, which can open the door when opening.

When closing, the system locks itself with the help of an electric motor.

iDTRONIC has optimized the ID LOCK 1000 with numerous changes to make the lock more user-friendly and secure. Thus, the ID LOCK 1000 is now delivered as a multiuser version (Public Random Mode) with busy detection also known as Free Locker Mode,that means, every compatible transponder can be used to close and open without programming. The user thus has a free choice of cabinet. With each closing process, information is written on the transponder. It can thus always be occupied only a locker lock.

Furthermore, iDTRONIC has created for the ID LOCK 1000 master cards, which enable lockers to be opened in an emergency. The cable of the lock has also been shortened to avoid time-consuming milling work on your lockers (longer cables can be reordered if required) and the batteries are secured with Torx screws to prevent possible theft.

A desktop reader was developed to be able to read which lock was closed with a transponder.

The locker lock ID LOCK 1000, available for MIFARE®, can be retrofitted in doors and used with existing card systems. It is perfect for indoor use and can be easily installed in wooden doors.

► Applications

Locker, Drawers, Cabinets
Leisure Areas
ID Lock 1000:

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