Codeschloss für Metall- und Holztüren

Code Locker ID LOCK 6000

Easy-to-install code lock for metal and wooden doors.

  • The perfect retrofit lock for existing lockers
  • LEDs for locking status as feedback and adjustable signal tones (volume)
  • Emergency power supply via USB connection
  • Code length: 4 digits
  • 5-digit master code to cancel the lock after 3 incorrect entries
  • Integrated RTC (Real-Time-Clock) for setting automatic opening hours/weekday
  • 2 modes: Multi-user: free locker selection (several codes per lock permitted) | Private mode: 1 fixed code per lock


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Dimensions 162 x 37 mm
Material Zamak (housing + knob)
Battery type Standard 9V Batterie
Locking cycles per battery approx. 35,000 locking cycles
PIN length 4 digits
Master code length 5 digits
Lock fastening Nut + screw
Mounting hole 17,5 mm
Max. Door thickness 25 mm
Locking force 45 kg
Operating temperature -5°C to +70°C
  • Private mode: lock can only be used with previously defined codes
  • Multi-User: Locker can be re-selected with each visit. Only the code that was used to lock the lock can be used to open it again
  • Integrated RTC (Real-Time Clock): For setting automatic opening times

The ID LOCK 6000 is an easily retrofittable code lock with a clear keypad, a modern rotary knob made of Zamak and a robust metal housing.

The locker lock has been specially designed for easy installation in metal and wooden furniture. The battery compartment is accessible from the outside so that it is not necessary to dismantle the lock when replacing it.

The following programming is possible:

  • Private mode: lock can only be used with previously programmed transponders.
  • Multi-user mode: locker can be selected anew with each visit. Only the transponder that locked the lock can open it again.
  • Integrated RTC (Real-Time-Clock) for setting automatic opening hours/weekday

► Application areas

Lockers, cupboards
Fitness/leisure studios
Indoor/swimming/experience pools
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