ID Collect 5000

Card return ID COLLECT 5000

  • Capacity of up to 450 cards
  • Stainless steel
  • ABS plastic cover

Dimensions 1017 x 194 x 194mm
Packaging and weight 1100 x 240 x 240mm (18kg)
Supply DC voltage 12 ± 1.2 VDC
Power consumption max. 12W
Communication interface TCP/IP
Temperature +1°C to +40°C
Class IP41
Options 450 cards

The ID COLLECT 5000 Card Capture Reader is the optimal solution to operate within the systems of turnstile as a device for reading, capturing and keeping proximity cards issued to visitors for entry and exit from a property. The ID COLLECT 5000 has a capacity of 450 cards!

The ID COLLECT 5000 Card Capture Reader consists of stainless steel. The housing of the Reader is made of ABS-plastic. The Card Capture Reader operates most efficient with access control systems, like our turnstiles.

The ID COLLECT 5000 can also be integrated in your existing access control system.

As soon as the visitor wants to leave the building he needs to drop his access card in the intended reading device. After the card dropped in the card container the access control system opens and the visitor can leave the building.

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Indoor swimming pool, waterpark, wellness resort, theme park
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