Stand-Alone Solution for Access Control

  • The stand-alone solution that enables the ID GATE 6000/7500/9000 turnstiles to be used in-house
  • Access via RFID media/output either via RFID or free
  • In-house developed software to store authorized visitors in a whitelist via the desktop application
  • Supplied desktop reader to connect new RFID media with users/visitors directly in the software
  • the web interface enables check-ins / check-outs to be recorded in real-time
  • 2 versions: Standard: ≤ 500 Users | Extended: ≤1.500 Users

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Our ID ACCESS MASTER consists of the ID SOFT 500 software, the ID CONTROL 500 controller (with 2 built-in RFID readers), and the ID DESK 3000 desktop reader. The combination enables an easy-to-use stand-alone access solution, perfectly matched for installation in Turnstiles, e.g. in the ID GATE 6000, ID GATE 7500, or ID GATE 9000.

Authorization is simple. With the help of a desktop application, a whitelist of authorized users is stored. User identification takes place via the UIDs of compatible transponders such as cards, armbands, or keyfobs. These can be read in with the support of the desktop reader ID DESK 3000 via keyboard emulation.

In the standard version, up to 500 users can be stored, in the extended version up to 1,500 users.

► Application areas

Access control
Fitness studios
Company buildings
Construction sites & logistics centres

1. Software ID SOFT 500

The software was used to control an access/identification solution and consists of 3 parts:

  1. Software ID SOFT 500 for communication control between the RFID readers, the database, and the desktop software and for comparison with the whitelist
  2. Password-protected web interface: an overview of user logs (includes those who are logged out / who are still present)
  3. Desktop application for configuring the network settings of the system and for creating/editing the whitelist.
Date format the whitelist contains data in xlsx format (Excel)
Export log of usage via the web interface as a CSV file
Browser request HTML5 compatible browser
RAM requirements
  • Desktop application: 2 GB
  • Control software: 1 GB

ID SOFT 500 Webinterface mit User-Logs und Excel-Whitelis mit eingelesenen UIDs (Benutzererkennungen)

2. RFID-Controller ID CONTROL 500

Core module Raspberry Compute Module 3+ with Linux
Power supply +5 VDC
Power consumption Depending on the RFID hardware and device, at the USB port: 6 A
Interface 1 x Ethernet, 4x USB
Input 4 opto-coupler PS2501-4, 1.2 V forward voltage @ 10 mA, external resistor required! (to control the application, e.g. turnstiles)
Output 10 NPN Open Collector ULN 2003 A. max. 25 V max. 1.5 A (to control the application, e.g. turnstiles)
Processor Broadcom BCM2837B0, Cortex-A53 (ARMv8), 64-bit SoC, QuadCore, 1.2 GHz
Flash memory 32 GB (expandable via SD card slot)
RFID reader 2 x HF RFID readers M900

3. Desktop reader ID DESK 3000

The desktop reader ID DESK 3000 is used to store the authorized users in the whitelist. Via keyboard emulation, transponders compatible with the desktop reader, such as cards, bracelets or keyfobs, can be read and assigned to users in the Excel whitelist in the form of the UID (user identification).

Power supply 5 VDC via USB
Power consumption <150 mA
Max. Power max. 100mW (20dBm)
Interface USB 2.0
Compatible systems Windows XP/Vista/7/10/, Linux, Android
Frequency HF: 13,56 MHz (MIFARE Classic)
HID Output format MIFARE Classic (ISO 14443 A): 8 digits hexadecimal UID number (e.g .: 4E 27 3B AA)
Reading range up to 80 mm
Keyboard Emulation Integrated
Signals Two-color LED buzzer indicate reading status

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