ID Glass Railing


Modular railing system made of tinted glass and stainless steel feet

  • Simple assembly (no holes need to be drilled in the glass)
  • The glass panel is fixed with a pressure plate and two clamping screws in the feet
  • Design and material (stainless steel and tinted glass) perfectly matched to our turnstiles
  • 10-12 mm thick glass panel
  • available in 2 widths (1.00 m and 1.50 m)

A special feature of the ID Glass railing systems is the easy installation, no holes have to be drilled into the glass. The glass pane is fixed in the holding groove with a pressure plate and two set screws. Glass is not included in the scope of delivery and is supplied on request.
When fixing the glass only by means of the holder without additional fixing points for height, the following conditions are recommended for the required reliability:

– The height of the railing should not exceed 100 cm, taking into account the height of the brackets.
– The distance between the brackets should not exceed 80 cm.
– The lateral part of the glass behind the brackets should not exceed 20 cm.

ID Glass railing systems are manufactured in the same design as PERCo turnstiles and gates in stainless steel and tempered glass, e.g. high-speed gates and automatic gates with glass pane.

► Applications

Waterparks, Theme Park, Wellness Resort
Administrative facilities
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