Highest Security and maximum comfort for your members

Access control, locking systems and member identification for modern fitness studios

Do you want higher sales, lower personnel costs and the highest level of security and comfort?

With iDTRONIC’s smart solutions for check-in, changing rooms and member identification, this ideal scenario for club operators can be easily implemented. Our products help to automize your processes and makes the daily life of the studio visitors more comfortable and relieves the employees. The investment in our access solutions pays for itself after a short time.

Convenient Check-In with our Turnstiles

Control and restrict access to your gym. The combination of our high-quality stainless steel turnstiles and RFID technology ensures that only authorized visitors enter your facility.

The automated access solutions minimize personnel costs and grant your members quick and secure entry.

Our smart transponders are suitable for check-in / check-out, such as wristbands, chip cards or keyfobs that you can personalize with your branding according to your wishes.

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Drehkreuz mit RFID-Leser

Cost savings

Accelerate the flow of visitors and reduce the administrative effort of your studio

RFID-Leser in Drehsperren integrieren

Simple Integration

We integrate all types of RFID readers into our turnstiles, such as MIFARE, EM, LEGIC or HID

Kontaktlose RFID Zutrittskontrolle

100% Contactless

Thanks to smart RFID technology, access is 100% contactless. In pandemic times – more important than ever!

Electronic RFID locking systems for your changing room

Are your members annoyed with constantly remembering new PIN codes or bringing keys and padlocks with them?

Understandable! Upgrade to electronic locking systems. Operation is very easy and also absolutely safe. All you have to do is hold a personalized RFID transponder to the reading field of the lock and the locker will open.

Do you already use transponders? No problem, existing wristbands, cards or keyfobs are usally compatible with our systems.

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Karten sperren oder ersetzen

Loss – no Problem

Lost transponders such as membership cards or wristbands can simply be blocked or replaced if lost

Grüne und rote LEDs zeigen Status über Belegung

Full Overview

Green or red LED displays provide information about the occupancy. If the number is forgotten, it can be viewed at a terminal via our ID SPIND MASTER.

Multi User Modus


Thanks to the optional multi-user / free-locker mode, members can choose a new locker each time they visit

One Transponder for all Applications

Do your members currently need parking tickets, membership cards, padlocks, secret codes, cash and credit cards? All of these aids can be replaced with just a single RFID transponder.

Use wristbands, chip cards or keyfobs from iDTRONIC in your individual design and make your members’ visit to the gym more convenient.

It is worth it! Your members only need a single identification medium to enter the facility, open a locker or purchase services (e.g. solarium) or goods (e.g. at the snack machine).

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RFID Transponder Armbänder, Karten, Keyfobs
RFID transponder for many applications

Flexible Application

Use one RFID transponder as a membership card, wristband or keyfob for various uses

Individuelles Design für Ihre Karte oder Ihr Armband

Individual Branding

Make your membership cards. wristband or keyfobs unique and add your logo and your individual layout to them

Zertifizierte RFID Chips

Certified RFID-Chips

Only certified high-quality RFID chips from leading manufacturers are integrated in our transponders, such as MIFARE, Hitag, EM or LEGIC