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Easily integrate with any access control system

Lesegeräte für RFID-Karten zur Integration in DrehsperrenQR Barcodescanner für Drehsperren


We integrate easily RFID readers of any type in our turnstile, e.g. Mifare, EM, LEGIC or HID

QR, Barcode Scanner

We integrate also mini PCs or access controllers with the common barcode or QR Code scanner for you.

3rd Party Access Controller

You are having a §rd Party access controller? No problem! We can integrate any kind of 3rd party controller in your turnstiles.

Edelstahl Drehsperre für Fitnessstudios

Temperature measurement

An integration of our ID INFO 9000, a contactless high-tech terminal for temperature measurement, allows you to check temperature of your visitors

Face recognition

Our ID INFO 9000 contains additionally a 2-megapixel Full-HD camera awhich allows you to scan and verify if a person wears a face mask.

Card collector

Equip your access system with our smart card collector ID Collect 5000 with an capacity of  up to 450 cards

Temperaturmessung für DrehsperrenDrehsperren mit Gesichtserkennung


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